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Jubilee Hall Trust Awards 2023

On Friday 19th May the Jubilee Hall Trust team came together to reflect on the past year and inspire each other for the year ahead.

This year different team members took part in panel discussions to cover finance, development and more.

The nominations for the ‘Lived by our values’ award were voted for by each club.  Then Jon, Chief Exec chose an overall winner for the ‘Spirit of Jubilee Hall Trust’ award.

Staff could nominate themselves or a colleague for the ‘Innovation Award’ award.  The definition of Innovation is ‘a new idea, method, or device or the introduction of something new’.  It could have been something quite simple that improves the member journey or our way of working.

The General Manager’s each nominated their ‘Stand Out Performer’ for the final award and one winner was chosen by Jon.

Those nominated for each award were celebrated and reasons given are inspiration for the coming year.

And the winners for 2023…

‘Lived by our values’ David (Colombo), Daniel (Jubilee Hall), Eric (Armoury), Dominic (Westminster) and the overall winner and the  ‘Spirit of Jubilee Hall Trust’ went to Dominic.

‘Innovation Award’ went to Nicol from Jubilee Hall for designing the ‘Lifting Club’ which has recently been relaunched which aims to create a safe and inclusive environment where members feel comfortable, gain valuable knowledge, and build the confidence to explore all areas of the gym floor without fear of judgment.

‘Stand Out Performer’ was awarded to Setareh who since joining the Westminster team has brought a radiant, infectious energy  and is always positive.  She has already taken on a lot of responsibility within the team and the gym.