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It's Outdoor Classroom Day – let's make active learning a priority

I knew I had seen some hashtags floating around about outdoor-active-learning-play something or other day this week, so I googled it before I took my daughter to nursery today so I could ask her teachers if they had anything planned or would like any parent support to help make it happen.
The google results nearly made me cry as a parent, and made me rage as a public health professional. (Copied below)
Kids play less than 30 minutes outside a *week*?!?! I would have been sad if that stat said per DAY. Per week…?! That feels unforgivable as a nation.
Less time outside than prison inmates?
It’s noteworthy that children who spend time outside learn better and that a nursery – with children less than 4 years old – learn and play outside all day? Why is this newsworthy and not the norm?
This is why our community programmes include school partnerships to help ensure that kids at our local primary schools are not part of these statistics.
Our Award Winning Camden Active Spaces / Energy Club programme – I can say that now! Award Winning! It was recognised at the Sporta Awards last night! – is a great example of how easy it is to influence this statistic as well. With some support to the school staff and surprisingly little funding, we can ensure that the school playgrounds are open to the public -and well used!- after school and out of term as an opportunity for free physical outdoor play.
I hope that our gym members feel as much pride as I do that their monthly membership directly supports our partner schools in Camden and Westminster to boldly stand up to these inactivity statistics.
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