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Breathe: stretch, recovery and wellness for runners

Participants in our upcoming Run for your Life charity event next month will benefit from the wellness expertise of our sponsor Breath-London. On the day, Breathe therapists will provide an array of services to promote wholistic wellness in the body, mind and soul for the runners:

    • 10 minute recovery massage (register now & book your limited massage slot)
    • Warm-up and post-run stretch therapy sessions
    • Chiropractic adjustment
    • Nutrition mini-consults for runners 
    • Rolfing for restorative wellness

Eventbrite - Run for your Life! 10k/5k/2k Charity Run Series | Hampstead Heath
David Croft, Moving Stretch trainer and Breathe-London Therapist, shares some helpful hints for runners as they prepare for the run:

Keeping the body healthy is essential for runners but this is often neglected until a problem occurs. By stretching effectively, we can reduce the chance of injury and enhance the efficiency of our body, boosting performance and making running more enjoyable.
An area that is often neglected when it comes to stretching is the feet, which can lead to issues when running, and even though these issues can often be felt in other areas such as the knee, the problem often lies with our foundation. By strengthening our feet and improving ankle mobility with a specific foot and ankle routine, we can create a strong foundation which will keep the body healthy when running. We can also reduce common injuries like Runners Knee and IT Band Syndrome by stretching effectively, and by lessening these injuries, there is more time to run to improve performance.
So when starting a running a program, remember to focus on keeping the body healthy – prehabilitation, rather than trying fix something that has gone wrong – rehabilitation. Prehab prevents the rehab!

Happy running to everyone out there! We look forward to seeing you next month as you Run for your Life.