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Gym members delighted with service!

In their most recent survey, Jubilee Hall Trust’s members have given them an outstanding vote of confidence with the greatest ever numbers saying that they would recommend the charity’s gyms to a friend or colleague! The survey, which is carried out every six months across the groups four clubs, asks a range of key questions about the customer experience.
Reception and gym staff at all the clubs received great scores, with up to 98% of members saying that they were ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. In addition, the Trust benchmarks all the clubs using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is based on how likely members would be to recommend the facility. NPS is recognised internationally and used by a large number of consumer brands.
We were delighted that our NPS has increased over the last 3 years from 27% to its highest ever of 41%, putting us way ahead of large companies like ASDA (21%) and Natwest Bank (5%) and almost up with Waitrose (46%).
The change is, in part, due to investment in equipment at two sites, but also improvements in service. This has been achieved by creating a comprehensive staff training and development plan running alongside a rigorous and independent Mystery Shopping service from Pro Leisure and 6-monthly Health & Safety audits from QLM.
The survey also gives our members the chance to tell us about their personal experience which always puts what we do into perspective. One customer wrote to say:
‘I had been attending the Club every day for several months, but I work for a blind lady and my work had become very busy, due to some problems the blind lady was going through. As a result of this, I had not been to the Club for about three months. I was finding it difficult to come back after so long away. The member of staff who helped me was Annamaria. Because of her support and encouragement, I overcame my concern about training again and now I am training regularly once more. She has been an inspiration to me and I am very grateful. Also Junior, when he saw me after so long away from the gym came up to me and said it was great to see me back and again offered words of encouragement. Umar also has been really supportive and offered excellent professional advice. It’s all because of Annamaria’s encouragement and kindness that gave me the boost I needed to train again. I live in Golders Green and there are several Clubs much nearer to me that I could join, but The Armoury is an excellent Club and people like Annamaria, Umar and Junior go out of their way to help and care. Thank you so much.’