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Jubilee Hall Trust takes on Tough Mudder

A team of 10 from Jubilee Hall Trust took on Tough Mudder 5k in Finsbury Park on Friday 12th April.  They helped each other around the 5k course which included 13 obstacles such as ‘Pyramid Scheme’ pictured here, Tight Squeeze’ and ‘The Gauntlet’.  The team worked together to make sure no one was left behind.

The Tough Mudder 5k is a much more accessible challenge than the ‘full’ versions of the event, as not only is the course shorter, but participants don’t get dunked in water or mud! This makes it ideal for post-work team-building, and means that almost everyone can give it a try!

Louise, People Development Manager who organised the event said ‘it’s a well organised event that everyone can get involved in.  We all helped each other at some point and enjoyed that cold beer at the end’.