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NBA House event at Jubilee Hall attracts record crowds!

The basketball promotional event held at Jubilee Hall during the first two weeks in August was a huge success with thousands of fans of the game descending on Covent Garden. Entrance was free and visitors had the opportunity to try their skills on a basketball half-court built to full National Basketball Association (NBA) standards as well as to watch breathtaking displays of gymnastics and dance by display teams, mascots and cheerleaders.
The ‘House’ attracted locals as well as tourists to a unique interactive experience and appealed to die-hard fans as well as those new to the game. The iconic Jubilee Hall gym was transformed into a high-quality entertainment space, with a temporary mezzanine floor and a range of hi-tech attractions including touch-screen Twitter-walls, 360 degree slam dunk cameras and the chance to interact with some legends of basketball.
The venue was expertly dismantled and handed back on time to the Jubilee Hall Trust so that it could re-open as a gym on Thursday 16th August as planned.
Jubilee Hall Trust Chief Executive, Phil Rumbelow, said:
‘It was great to be part of such a big event, in light of London’s amazing summer of sport, but what is most important to us in the longer-term is that our agreement with the NBA means that we will have six basketball clinics for disadvantaged London children over the next 18 months, and we will also have some of the NBA funds to spend on improving our gym facilities and deepening our other community sports work.’