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5 Tips for sticking to your New Years fitness resolutions

1. Create SMART goals
Resolutions should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed (SMART). Instead of ‘I want to get fitter’, set yourself a measurable goal in a reasonable timeframe – e.g. ‘I want to run a 10k in under 50 minutes by the end of March’. Don’t forget to pace yourself! Setting off too quickly at the start of your training, means that, at best you might burn out, and at worst you might injure yourself. Allow a steady progression towards your target. It makes sense to set smaller goals along the way. Why not arrange an appointment with one of our Fitness Instructors to help you set achievable goals and to devise an appropriate programme for getting there?
 2. Reward yourself!
As you hit each small target, give yourself a reward, but instead of a cream cake, book in with one of our therapists for a massage or beauty treatment.
3. Try something new!
We have a great range of exercise classes at all of our gyms and they are included in your membership. They range from dance classes like Zumba, to strength and conditioning classes like Body Blast or mind & body classes like Yoga and Pilates. At Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden our brand new dedicated Spinning studio features disco lights and a new sound system, and, if you are short of time, we will soon be offering 30-minute Les Mills GRIT series workouts!
4. Need a boost?
If you need extra motivation or want to try a new exercise, why not book a session with one of our personal trainers? Many of them have specialist skills for helping clients to achieve a particular goal, such as increasing strength or flexibility or losing weight. All of them are experts in motivating! Contact reception for more information.
5. Find a friend
Working out with a fitness buddy can really help motivate you because you can’t let them down! It might be someone you meet at one of our gyms or an old friend who is also interested in getting into shape. Ask at reception for a guest pass, so you can bring a buddy for a free workout or class.