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Armoury gym member crosses Atlantic!

Armoury gym member John Lobek, 59, has just completed a 2,800 mile voyage across the Atlantic Ocean from Gran Canaria to St Lucia in a 46ft yacht, finishing third in his category in the renowned ARC race.
He said:’We had never done a transatlantic crossing before and the weather conditions were the most challenging ever experienced for this race with gale force winds for several days. I’m 60 this year, and in preparation for the race I undertook six months of fairly full-on training at The Armoury. It was gruelling, but well worth it and held me in good stead for 18 days at sea sailing 24/7 in some big seas.’
Many congratulations to John on his achievement! Have you got a story to tell about how one of our gyms has helped you achieve something? Please get in touch at jubileehall@jubileehalltrust.org