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Milon Arrived

The fantastic Milon Circuit has arrived at the Armoury. This revolutionary circuit based equipment cuts work out time to just 34 minutes whilst keeping intensity high!
It’s perfect for anyone who has a busy life and cannot afford hours in the gym.
Milon circuit training
Mukhtar the Club Manager at the Armoury commented ‘I am thrilled to be the first club in London to offer this unique and affordable premier product! So many people these days find it hard to build a fitness regime into their busy lives and here we have provided for them a high intensity workout in just 34 minutes!’ Our unique partnership with Milon means The Armoury will be the ONLY club with this circuit in central London for the next 18 months.
If you are finding it hard to justify hours in the gym and want quick results without lengthy contracts then you must contact Mukhtar and the team. The Armoury will provide with a fitness solution that’s affordable, quick and contract free!