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The Armoury enables Camden residents to Give It A Go!

Camden’s third Give It A Go scheme to encourage local residents on benefits to take advantage of up to four months free gym membership has just finished at the end of April. The initiative was a partnership between Camden council, NHS Camden, NHS London and three leisure charities operating centres in the Borough. A total of 725 people registered for the scheme and were inducted into the gym at one of the five centres involved – The Armoury, Central YMCA, Swiss Cottage, Kentish Town and Oasis. At the end of the four-month programme, 160 people (22%) were still active, which is a great achievement, especially considering that many of them had never used a gym before. Even more impressive was that, at The Armoury, 36 out of 78 were still active (46%) which was far higher than any other centre.
Credit is due to the team at The Armoury and Dilan Carillo in particular, who obviously looked after the Give It A Go participants very well indeed! So far, since the scheme ended on 30th April, we have had 6 people join on a membership. Well done!